Hand gesture recognition

This study was part of a large research project (projet REVES) in collaboration with academics and industrials and the French Cité des sciences, aimed at building a show of the Cité des Sciences based on interactive vision technologies, to be started on june 2009.

The main theme of this show was "Earth seen from the sky" to display informations about Earth observation satellites and its imagery. All those informations have been displayed in an augmented reality goggle (produced by the Laster Technology company) which superpose images and data over the real world.

The goal of this project is to detect the naked hands of the user and to determine their position and their configuration (closed fist, one finger showing or touching something, etc.). A miniaturized video camera has been used, included in the augmented reality goggle which records the user's field of view in the real world (not with the displayed picture) and try to recognize into the video frames the hands, using the adaptation of evolutionary algorithm techniques.

The algorithm is based on a the generalized Hough technique.

Figure 1 : Examples of hand models

Figure 2 : Examples of hand recognition

[Video file: result1.avi]: Video of an execution example.

File format: avi - Codec: Xvid - Resolution: 160x120 - Framerate: 30 fps - Duration: 33 sec. - File size: 1.3 MBCaption:

The blue shape correspond to the recognised model

The red dots correspond to the x and y repartition of the genetic population

The yellow cross corresponds to the position of the cursor associated with the hand gesture