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78850 Thiverval-Grignon – France

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Since February 2013, I am senior scientist (Directeur de Recherche) at INRA (MIA department) in the MALICES research team of the GMPA UMR (Versailles-Grignon research unit). Before that, I was researcher at INRIA (1991-2013) where I was successively scientific manager of the FRACTALES, COMPLEX and APIS research teams, and finally member of the AVIZ team (2009-2013).

My current scientific research concern:

with applications in image, signal, medical imaging, agrifood and biological (human digestion) process modeling.

Some of my recent research projects are GraphCuisine, CSDL, EVE, EASEA-Cloud and DREAM.

I also chair the steering committe of the EA association, nd was chair of the WIE-France affinity group (till 2012, see WIE-France upcoming events). I am IEEE senior member since 2012, and was scientific advisor of a small company, Cetoine (an INRIA start-up, 2006-2015).

See my short Bio here, and my google scholars profile here.

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