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  abstract = {This report presents the synthesis of research that has been done on
Genetic Algorithms in the FRACTALES group of INRIA since its creation
in 1993. The use of Genetic Algorithms for the resolution of
optimization problems that arise when dealing with fractal analysis of
signals was an important step towards the efficient resolution of
basic inverse problems such as inverse problems for IFS. In this
report we present, among other applications, how Genetic algorithms
and genetic programming techniques have been implemented in order to
find solutions in a tractable computation time.

Furthermore, a theoretical investigation has been carried out
concerning the deception for genetic algorithms with the help of
``fractal'' tools. A link has thus been established between some
irregularity measures on the function to be optimized and its
deception. A qualitative analysis of the influence of some of the GA
parameters has been made and a chromosomal encoding evalutation tool
has been designed.},
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